About Us

Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union is a Not- For Profit Financial Intermediary who serves over 50 employee groups in Greenwood County. Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered Credit Union under the Credit Union Act, chartered in 1974 originally for the City of Greenwood, Greenwood County, and the Commissioners of Public Works. Since that time, employers wanting to offer their employees Credit Union benefits to their employees, have joined GMFCU TO extend Credit Union membership to their employees. Some of the groups who are sponsors of the Credit Union are Fuji Film, Carolina Pride Food, District’s 50, 51, and 52 schools, the Sunshine House, Carolina Community Pharmacies, and many others.

The Credit Union movement is one that promotes the needs of the users of the products and services through it’s unique structure. Each user of the Credit Union products or services is known as a Member rather than customer, and is also an owner in the Credit Union. The ownership by the members is by Democratic control allowing each member one vote, no matter the amount of funds or number of services. The Members elect a Board of Directors, nine in the case of GMFCU, who represent the membership in the management of the Credit Union. The board sets policies and procedures, hires a manager, and sets the strategy of the Credit Union on where to focus resources and revenues.

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be a leader by consistently meeting and exceeding our members’ needs, fostering a culture of excellence with an unwavering commitment to financial literacy and prosperity."