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  • eStatements

    No one likes a mess. Unfortunately, seemingly no one likes cleaning up either. Nip this problem in the bud by avoiding the clutter in the first place when you enroll in eStatements. Increased security, decreased clutter, and virtually no waste—it's time to enjoy the convenience of going green!

    53% of consumer identity thefts are non-digital.* Protect yourself from future headaches or much worse by eliminating a potentially easily accessible paper trail from the equation.

    *Source: The University of Texas at Austin Identity Theft Assessment and Prediction Report 2018. The number of reports in South Carolina rose from 4,509 in 2017 to 6,339 in 2018. See credit union for full details.
  • Mobile Deposit

    All of your errands can't be done electronically, take advantage of the ones that can. Depositing a check doesn't mean a trip to the branch anymore, it can probably be done from wherever you're reading this.

    Deposit your checks from your phone and save your time. Life gets easier when you digitize the dull stuff.
    Download the app today or consult a teller for more information.

    Remote Deposit User Agreement & Application

    Data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider for details. See credit union for details.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

    Got Spring Fever? With the weather at its best, there's not a better time to spruce up your home than the present. There's no better way to do it than with a GMFCU Home Equity Line of Credit! Roll over to a branch then roll up your sleeves, it's time to launch your next project.

    We have the most competitive rates in the area and are always eager to find a way to get you through that front door. Seasons are changing and so are you, get the funds to make it happen today. Visit us at one of our branches or call (864) 229-6177 to apply.

    See credit union for full details. All loans are subject to credit approval.
  • Life Happens

    Feeling lost in the cost? We'll help you skip the stress and find a way out with a Life Happens Loan.

    Spring is around the corner and some things may have piled up over the winter, no shame in that, the shame comes when you don't handle it. Enjoy rates as low as 9.5% APR* and clear the clutter before it piles too high.

    *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. For 12-month loans maximum amount is $1,000; for 24-month loans loan range is $1,000–$3,000; for 24- to 48-month loans minimum amount is $3,001. See credit union for details. All loans are subject to credit approval.
  • $1 Checking

    There are plenty of ways to spend a dollar. Opening a checking account may not be the most exciting of them, but it is the most impactful. Sure, you could get a new app to help pass the time or a cup of coffee may help you get through the morning, but opening a checking account will help you get on track to financial comfort and success.

    You only need $1.00 to open a Greenwood Municipal checking account. Stop by a branch or call (864) 229-6177 to open yours today!
  • Fresh Start Auto Loan

    Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, and it takes a new ride to get there. With a Greenwood Municipal Fresh Start Auto Loan, you can get a rate as low as 2.99% APR*!

    Whether you are looking to purchase a car or refinance your existing loan, we are here to give you the fresh start you deserve.

    Apply Today!
    Shop Now!

    *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Not all members will qualify. Rate is based on individual’s credit worthiness. Rate is subject to change without notice. See credit union for full details.
  • Refer a Friend Winner

    What do you do with your best friends? Share the love! Just ask our most recent Refer A Friend winners, Coretta M. and Brenda M. Want to claim your prize? Stop by a branch to pick up your referral card today!

    *See credit union for details.
  • GMFCU Routing #

  • Tax Refund

    If you have received an income tax refund via Direct Deposit or you deposit an income tax refund check to your account, the daily cash withdrawal limit will be $1,000.00 per every two business days.
  • Discount Tickets

    Biltmore Adult $50.00 (Gate $75.00)
    Biltmore Child $23.50 (Gate $37.50)
    Carowinds To order tickets, go to and enter for both the username and password in all caps: CCUL.
    $43.00 plus tax (Gate $69.00 plus tax)
    Dollywood Adult $69.60 (Gate $74.00)
    Dollywood Child $57.25 (Gate $61.00)
    Dollywood Splash Adult $48.25 (Gate $49.95)
    Dollywood Splash Child $43.80 (Gate $44.95)
    Six Flags Purchase online at Use code CCUL.
    $46.99 (Gate-Adult $71.99, Child $51.99)
    Six Flags White Water Purchase online at Use code CCUL.
    $40.99 (Gate-Adult $48.99, Child $43.99)
    Stamps $10.00
    Premiere Greenwood Cinema $7.35
  • Lifestyle Loans

    Dream bigger. Whatever you want, we're here to help!

    Enhance your lifestyle with a GMFCU Lifestyle Loan! With rates as low as 9.5% APR*, you can live the lifestyle you want without breaking the bank.

    Call (864) 229-6177 or apply online today!

    *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. For 12-month loans, maximum amount is $1,000.00; for 24-month loans, loan range is $1,000.00 - $3,000.00; for 24-48 month loans, minimum amount is $3,001.00. See credit union for details. All loans are subject to credit approval.
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